G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD is a Licensed Building Contractor (Builder-Open) under the B.S.A. Act 1991 and is involved in a wide range of domestic and commercial projects.

Our commitment to our customers extends to providing the very best possible quality in these projects to the satisfaction of the customer.  Quality objectives of G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD are aimed at surpassing customer expectations in areas of response, operational expertise and capability together with cost effectiveness.

To ensure these objectives, we have established a quality program to provide customers with the assurance that the services provided by G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD will be consistently of good quality and reliability.

This program includes a quality management system based on the Australian standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. This program is regularly reviewed to maintain a high standard as we are committed to conform to both the QA System and the requirement of the standards and also to continually improving the effectiveness of our QA System.

G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD is committed to fostering good working relationships with clients and subcontractors with the primary aim of completing Projects on time.

G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD is committed to utilising local resources and products in the first instance.

G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD is committed to continuous improvement and best practice, including best practice in workforce management.  Occupational health and safety, training and skill development, and industrial relations are integrated in G. T. JEFFREYS PTY LTD’s everyday procedures, practices and performance standards.  To this end, we:

 Create and maintain a safe working environment;

 Value training and skill development as a core element of our business strategy; and

 Support cooperative industrial relations, including compliance with awards and/or agreements and legislation.

This statement is issued to indicate our attitude to customer relationships and to identify our own excellence of service. The full support of our employees and our suppliers and subcontractors is sought in actively pursuing this quest for quality.

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