Workplace Health and Safety is a primary consideration in the planning and

organisation of GT Jeffreys Pty Ltd’s operations. It is important that health, safety

and the well being of employees and subcontractors not be in any way impaired or

prejudiced as a result of working within or for the company. To this end, GT Jeffreys

has established Occupational Health & Safety objectives and targets to ensure

continued improvement aimed at elimination of work related injury and illness.

Injuries and illness can be reduced through greater awareness, instruction and

supervision and by the full encouragement and co-operation of everyone working

together. If hazards cannot be entirely eliminated then it is the responsibility of

management and employees to ensure methods are adopted to control the level ofrisk.

GT Jeffreys Pty Ltd is committed to reducing exposure to risk and injury through

compliance to all relevant Occupational Health & Safety requirements and legislation

and providing adequate training, procedures and systems of work which create and

maintain a safe working environment. This includes the implementation of hazard

management programs and the provision of protective clothing and equipment.

Safety is an important part of the responsibilities placed on all levels of management

within the company however it cannot be left to rest only there, it is the responsibility

of us all. Everyone on site must strictly adhere to any safety policies and rules of the

company. Every person has a responsibility to themselves, their fellow workers and

the company to do their utmost in preventing accidents and developing and

maintaining a co-operative spirit of safety consciousness




Gary Jeffreys


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